Sunday, May 30, 2010

Go-go or no-go ?

I'm going to Argentina next year as an exchange student, and it could be really nice to bring this camera. But. It's just so expensive (1000$), and I have to save money for when I leave. Go-go or no-go? Please help!


  1. Sounds really great with the journey. I think it is going to change your life - like it has shown to do many times before. Hopefully it will be in a positive way! :)
    I'm trying to figure out something about some exhange-student-stuff also.

    Anyways, about the camera! Personally got a Canon Eos 1000D which basically is a really good camera with 10,1 megapixel. I have taken alot of very good pictures with it. I don't know much about the 500D, but i know that my camera is just able to do everything that i need perfectly well.
    i think it would be a pity if you went there without a camera because you couldn't afford it.
    So i think that you really should consider buying the 1000D instead of the 500D, as
    I found it for 474$ (2900dkk), more than half the price of the 500D! Maybe you can find it even cheaper yourself.

    - Nutz :)

  2. Yeah I'm so much looking foreward to my journey!!! :D I'ts gonna be such a great year :)
    I actually have a sony digital camera, and the pictures it takes is okay but.. It would just be awesome to have a pro camera I think :) I got this Canon eos500d recommended by my uncle, but I think you're right; I should totally take a look at some of the other cameras you can get.
    And thanks for the link! -very usefull

    PS: I like your comments :) They're damn usefull !

  3. Anonymous02 June, 2010

    GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! You can't live without it ! <3 TRUST ME!